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Roof hatch

Roof hatches are manufactured from a proven design which quarantees  ease of operation, long maintenance-free life regardless of climatic conditions.


The features are:

Ÿ         materials:  aluminium or stainless steel;

Ÿ         sizes:  customized to clients requirements;

Ÿ         design loads:  live load 2 kN/m2 with a deflection less than span/150; uplift 1 kN/m2;

Ÿ         insulation: 25 mm rigid insulation in cover and curb;

Ÿ         pitch correction: made to order to compensate for roof slope;

Ÿ         spring opening:  lubricated compression spring enclosed in telescopic tubes are reducing opening force to less than 5 kg;

Ÿ         locking hold-open arm;

Ÿ         hinges: zinc plated or stainless steel;

latch: zinc plated steel slam latch with dead bolt lock.  Single-leaf hatches wider than 1.5 meter have two-point latch.