Product Introduction
Cladding, partitions, portacab
Lockers, cubicles, cabinets
Steel, Aluminum products
 ladder, Scaffold, Platform
 Roof hatch
 Stainless Steel Fittings
 Stainless Steel mooring bollar
 Stainless Steel staircase
Steel tubes, piles, structures
Plastic Machinery
Construction Machinery
Dry ice machine

Cuplock system scaffold

Synergy provides all types of ladders, trolleys, platforms, scaffolds in steel (galvanized, stainless) and aluminium.


The products are manufactured under quality assurance programmes, under standards such as EN 131, EN 14183 and others as may be specified.  Third Party Inspection (TPI) is available as well as certification.


References are available in over 30 countries including Western Europe, Japan, USA, Australia.