Product Introduction
Cladding, partitions, portacab
 Plaster Boards
 Translucent art panels
 Translucent stone
 Oriented Strend Board
Lockers, cubicles, cabinets
Steel, Aluminum products
Steel tubes, piles, structures
Plastic Machinery
Construction Machinery
Dry ice machine


Portacabins are manufactured from 50-mm sandwich panels with an extruded polystyrene core and pre-coated steel liner sheets.  The frame is made of galvanized steel C and box sections to stand the specified loading.  Cabins may be skid mounted for transport.  The configuration and accessories are to customer¡¯s specifications.


Whilst the standard unit is 3.6 meters wide and 9.7 meters long, other available options also include two-storeyed assembly, large footprint for open-space offices or facilities, and internal features such as kitchens, toilets, stairs, doors, windows.