Product Introduction
Cladding, partitions, portacab
Lockers, cubicles, cabinets
Steel, Aluminum products
Steel tubes, piles, structures
Plastic Machinery
Construction Machinery
 Boom lift
 Compact Roller
 Tower Crane
 Working platform
Dry ice machine

Aluminum alloy

Platforms are used for going up and down of tower crane drivers of high-rise buildings and for welding and decorations of the shipbuilding industry. Also they are applied for maintenance and services of the chimneys and boilers in large tank  power plants and for maintenance and decorations of dams and bridges. Meanwhile, they are used for decorations of outer walls, such as plastering, heat preservation, doping, and the wall installation, cleaning and marble dry hanging.

The platform manufactured by our company has complete series, the maximum platform length is 15 meters.

With our strong techical and manufacture background, platform has saled to more than 20 contries and areas in the whold.