Product Introduction
Cladding, partitions, portacab
Lockers, cubicles, cabinets
Steel, Aluminum products
Steel tubes, piles, structures
Plastic Machinery
 Plastic machinery
 Plstic pipe welding machine
Construction Machinery
Dry ice machine

Butt fusion welding machine

SHD 160 250 315

SHD 450 630

SHD 800 1200 1600


Synergy provide thermoplastic pipe connection equipment,

The products on offer include:

Ÿ         Manual butt fusion machine

Ÿ         Butt fusion welding machine

Ÿ         Workshop fitting machine


The available sizes are as follow:

Ÿ         Manual butt fusion machine: 40mm160mm

Ÿ         Butt fusion welding machine:63mm1600mm

Ÿ         Workshop fittingmachine:110mm1200mm