Product Introduction
Cladding, partitions, portacab
Lockers, cubicles, cabinets
Steel, Aluminum products
Steel tubes, piles, structures
 Steel tubes
 Steel piles
 Pre-engineered metal building
Plastic Machinery
Construction Machinery
Dry ice machine

Steel structure

Both hot-rolled and pre-engineered (built-up sections) are available.  Synergy offers design, fabrication, corrosion control, quality records, delivery and installation according to customer requirements. Design may be to British Standards, ASTM, or MBMA (Metal Buildings Manufacturers Association C USA).   Corrosion control options include grit blasting, primers, alkyds, epoxy coating systems, galvanization.


Buildings accessories such as purlins and girts, ridge vents, mezzanines, silos, sliding doors, roofing sheets, wall claddings are also available on request. 


Prices and delivery times favorably compare with European, American and Middle East sources.